What goes in your mind, lives in your heart. – Karissa


I am grateful for a big bowl of popcorn.

I am grateful for mornings when the air is not thick with humidity and when there is a slight breeze to at least assuage the misery of exercise.

I am grateful for memories made on vacation in Colorado, one of the best, if not the best, vacations I have taken in many many years.

I am grateful for Sunday afternoon ice cream in an ice cream shop with my family.

I am grateful for ice cream, actually. It brought together a group of friends in Avon, brought together my family in Wichita, and it is an almost-nightly date with Sam.

I am grateful for two new friends, Craig and Marjorie, whom we met by chance in a beautiful little shop in Grand Lake.

I am grateful for birthdays, bittersweet as they are. I am grateful for them because they are cause for thinking about my baby girl who is no longer a baby but a grown woman and who makes her mama very proud. And they make me think of my grandson and granddaughter who shared a birthday party last weekend, which makes me grateful that I am allowed access to pictures so that I could at least attend after the fact in spirit.

I am grateful that my Dad thinks of others and does not-so-wonderful things in order for the necessary to happen. The dumpster was full of demo trash, and it was the beginning of the week, with no room for regular garbage. On more than one occasion, Dad has spent time in the garage, breaking down the larger demo trash in order to put a garbage bag inside, all because he is just a good guy and thinks of others and does things like that without the need for recognition. It’s his Quaker-ness. Doing things in secret. So, this time, just pretend you don’t know his good deed(s)…

I am grateful for a post my daughter just put on Facebook: What goes in your mind, lives in your heart. GUARD YOUR HEART.

I am grateful that my boss has returned and life is once again normal in the office.

I am grateful for routine. I like things in order, like my egg for breakfast, my weekly grocery shopping, my route for walking, my daily schedule.

I am grateful for a sweet story about my granddaughter Parker and her reaction to the tragedy of the Titanic exhibit. Her heart is so fragile, so pure…

I am grateful that I took the time to vote yesterday.

I am grateful that my husband can sense when I am in a funk, even when he is far away.



I am grateful for time spent with my Bingo ladies last night at the assisted living facility.

And I am grateful for this devotion:

In the beginning God spoke and it was. His words created something out of nothing. While our words are not as powerful as God’s, Proverbs declares that “death and life are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21a) Once we accept the power of our words, we must decide on their purpose.

Words can be as useful as a strong horse plowing a field or a spark used to start a warm fire on a winter night. They can also rage uncontrollably, destroying what lies in their path. Caring words of support create a safe and intimate friendship. Truthful words spoken in love can offer a friend the opportunity to grow, but spiteful words destroy friendships, and vindictive truth discourages the hearer instead of inspiring them to grow. 

Within seconds, thoughts become words that slip off our tongue and into the world. Pausing before we speak may seem cumbersome, but it allows us to decide: Is this helpful? Does this need to be said now? What is the best way to say this?

Our words reveal what we care about, and they influence others. Is there someone you can encourage today? – “Powerful Words”, August 2, from David Jeremiah’s Quest, 2015

More on that popcorn and changes inside later tonight…


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