There’s almost nothing better…

…than pictures of those little ones that warm this Ama’s heart and brings tears to her eyes.

…than hearing little ones squealing and laughing and crying and talking excitedly and interrupting their Mama while she talks on the phone to their Ama.

…than remembering moments of tucking into bed and goodnights and “Now I lay me down to sleeps” and “I love yous” and smells of little ones when this Ama leans down to kiss each one on the forehead.

…than the feeling of a little one tucked into this Ama’s lap as we read a bedtime story.

…than holding little hands.

…than seeing sparkles in the eyes and smiles on the faces of little ones.

…than wiping a slow tear that escaped from sparkle eyes.

…than pieces of paper folded several times into little squares, tucked inside a handpainted box that says “Ama” on the top, and when opened and unfolded, reveals beautiful pictures created by little ones, saying “thank you.”

For these, I am grateful.



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