The door to happiness opens from the inside.


I’m sitting across from Sam at his desk in his office. He is dealing with an issue at the moment. Actually, he is dealing with multiple issues that would cause me much stress and heated blood. These aren’t even my issues, yet I sit across from Sam at his desk in his office and my heart speeds up and my stomach turns a somersault just thinking about having to deal with just one of the issues, let alone a multitude.

I should be working, but I think it is okay for the moment or ten to take an afternoon break. So, as Sam deals with the issue of the hour, I type personal. He enters numbers on an adding machine. I look over the top of the monitor at him and on occasion, our eyes meet, knowing. He has conversation with one person after another, a steady stream of issues entering his office. I bite my lip and put the ear bud back in, trying not to listen in on his world.

I try to keep from listening to Sam dealing with his issues, try to not interfere in his business world, try to look as invisible as possible in the corner of his desk behind his monitor, and as I sit here, I am counting why it is that I am so grateful today.

  • My husband is wise.
  • I am able to work five hours away from my desk.
  • Internet makes that possible. My employers make that possible. A laptop makes that possible. A conference call-in number makes that possible. Skype makes instant communication with fellow employees possible. A new home makes that necessary.
  • Natia is well-cared-for because of my Dad.
  • Sam has great employees who are showing him respect and admiration.
  • We have a new home that is going to be so much fun to grow into and might be our address for living into the sunset years.
  • I’ve had phone calls from Steve and Angela and Dad and Karissa and Karen. A phone call is a great way to make someone feel very loved, even if it is a phone call for simple advice or small news to share or a phone call just because you want someone to talk to. It doesn’t have to be important or stellar – just the fact that you dial the number means you intentionally wanted to talk to the person on the other end, and THAT shows love. I feel loved.
  • Our new town has a church on about every corner – many to choose from.
  • I have a well-established herb garden and as many irises as I could possibly want next spring.
  • The message from Sunday was a sticker. That means it stuck. That means I can still remember it three days later. “Your front door should be the side door to the church.”
  • We have the potential for a wonderful front door and side door, too.
  • My husband wants to know his neighbors and open our home to all.
  • Opening that front door will also open issues, but sitting here observing my husband and knowing the God we serve, those issues are handled.



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