Looking out the upstairs window.

Today, home office happened.


In this almost 100 year old home, my space is now mostly complete. With much gratitude for my brother who built my work station, for my husband who acquired an old library table from Marymount College and went to the dollar store this morning for a temporary chair, for the tech guy who hooked us up with internet, for James the IT guy who remoted in and got me connected to the office back in the city, and for a cell phone to use for conference calls, I am official.

With much gratitude.

For a window air conditioner on a hot day in September.

For a phone charger.

For the smell of 100 year old home that is officially ours.

For online radio that keeps me company.

For the view from the second story window.

For time spent with Sam on a walk and working with Dwight and Dad this past weekend.

For Roxanne’s cakes.

For Sunday evening time, glorious time, with our small group.

For sleep.

For the beauty of the Flint Hills on a long drive west.

For a hand to hold in the silence of the hours that pass by.

For a phone call from a van full of grandchildren.

For this library table ripe for the refinishing (but the gum on the underside must remain – it adds character).

For a chair to sit in so that I didn’t have to stand all day or sit on the floor.

For a wireless mouse.

For THREE monitors and fast internet in small town America.

For beautiful desktop background pictures that randomly change.

For the end of a productive first day in home office.

Image result for ann voskamp quotes

And for a grateful house for my heart.


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