“Good honk.” – Cousins Debbie and Sheri

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I’m not a fan of getting honked at. Yes, that is bad grammar.

But still, I am not a fan.

And I am not a fan of being the one next to the vehicle that is getting honked at because then I think it is me who is getting honked at and it makes me feel like the world is staring.

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And it makes me feel like I must have left my purse on top of the car or I have a flat tire or I didn’t signal when I should have or I have gasoline leaking out of the side because I didn’t put the cap back on or there is a creepy serial killer who is in the backseat and the honk is a warning honk Danger Will Robinson! kind of honk or I drove off with a cat on top of the car and it is freaking out like Sneakers did back in the day or I cut someone off in traffic and now I am going to be the victim of road rage and it will be the end of me as I know myself.

I am not a fan of honks.

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So I am grateful for every time I am driving or am the passenger in a vehicle and experience a honkless trip.

But I am also grateful that I am so acutely aware of honks that I don’t ignore them like car alarms going off in the grocery store parking lot. Because you never know when there might be a serial killer in your backseat or important paperwork that was in that manila folder, now flying all over the neighborhood.

And I guess I am grateful for funny-sounding wimpy honks that are actually saying, “Excuse me, I hate to bother you, but I noticed your seatbelt is hanging out the bottom of your door and I just wanted to help you out so that no one with an annoying honk ruins your day,” or funny-sounding honks that are in the form of a song that are actually saying, “Well HI there! You look AWESOME going down the street and I just wanted to make you smile with my goofy sing-songy honk!”

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Happy Monday, everyone.


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