I’m a little grossed out right now.

Image result for invasion of the box elder

Apparently, box elder bugs like white houses. I have been staring at about 52,345 of them crawling on the screen of this 2nd floor window in front of my desk all the day long. It is not pleasant. Do not come and visit us right now. At least not in the daylight hours.

On to less creepy thoughts…

I am grateful for a morning that began with laughter in the pickup with Sam. I was telling him about helping a co-worker with her car noise. I thought I could help, since, you know, I am a mechanic 2nd generation. I told her to pop the hood and she didn’t know how. That made me feel smart. Sam laughed. Not that I felt smart, but that I used the phrase, “Pop the hood.”

And I am grateful for the privilege of seeing the most beautiful sunrise in the history of the world when I drove back to box eldered white house.

And I am grateful for the small town Kansas entertainment that comes through the pickup speakers from the small town radio station that employs radio people who really should only be in small towns because they need LOTS of practice before hitting the big time. Oh my.

And I am grateful to have learned this morning about every area school lunch menu for today, and every area senior citizen center lunch menu too. I know where to go to get a bowl of chili and canned peaches, or corn dogs and tater tots, or pork roast, mashed potatoes, and a side of Watergate salad.

And I am grateful for the delight at having a little sleeping dog at my feet all day long, un-creepified because she cannot see the invasion of the box elders.

And I am grateful to have had dinner on Mom’s china last night for the first time in many, many years. It has finally found a home, and this daughter is happy.

Image result for bristol china silver edge

And finally, I am grateful that my 2nd generation mechanic skills allowed me to know how to check oil and transmission and I could even point out that co-worker should fill the reservoir for her windshield washer fluid. Thanks, Dad. Now, if only you had also been an exterminator.

Image result for funny insect quote

…except for butterflies. and fireflies.


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