Gratefuls on the yellow brick road.



“I wish you lived with us.” – 5 yr old granddaughter

“Can you come back every Halloween or even every holiday, like every Christmas?” – 7 yr old granddaughter

“I was nervous about meeting you, but I like you.” – 13 yr old foster granddaughter



I am grateful for time with these two little girls and their big sister.

I am grateful for a room to sleep in, sacrificed by big sister while I visited.

I am grateful for kitchen science experiments on a Sunday afternoon.

I am grateful for book reading and silly talking before bed.

I am grateful that two girls read ME stories and this Ama learned that she has really smart granddaughters.

I am grateful for the privilege of spending lunch time with them at their school.

I am grateful for good discussion with their daddy.

I am grateful to have been invited to see my daughter teach children’s church.

I am grateful for my hearing that allowed me another opportunity to hear my daughter’s laugh as she played games with teenagers.

I am grateful to have watched a little Wonder Woman and a leopard get so excited about trick-or-treating, ring doorbells wearing little girl nervous grins, and then they dumped their candy in a big pile on the living room floor, just as I did when I was their age.

I am grateful to have witnessed a mommy and a daddy treat the holiday with care, making it a very special memory, complete with a scary story in the dark of the house and then watching Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin with generous candy allowance before bedtime.



I am grateful for my Dad, who took the time to call me in the middle of Target yesterday, because he knew.

He knew I needed to hear the words, “I love you.”

I am grateful to be loved and I am grateful for those in my life who say those words and show me. May I always reciprocate and give love freely and without strings attached.

I am so very grateful for my grandchildren and the Grace and Joy they give to their Ama.

And I am grateful for the yellow brick road back to Kansas that I am now on…there’s no place like home.



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