Joys = That which makes me grateful.

My brother sent this to me yesterday. It’s a great day to follow the advice, so I will. I have a few joys today, this post-election day.

  • A walk at sundown on a crisp evening
  • Listening to my boss command a conference call
  • Dasani water that tastes so much better than small town USA tap water, and I am not a water snob – tap water is my water of choice, except for here
  • Baby giggles


  • Clean hair
  • Leftover Halloween candy
  • My current President and his family
  • Friendly neighbors
  • A really, really, really good toaster

Image result for breville toaster

  • An assurance that I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand
  • A sandwich on the front porch with Sam
  • A mailbox with a red flag for outgoing letters and bills
  • Gracious, kind concession speeches
  • A washer and dryer downstairs that does not require quarters or loading the car with trash bags of dirty laundry, hangers, and laundry soap
  • Watermelon in November
  • And a song for my brother…and for me

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