Like Father, Like Son

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This morning, Sam was Max.

His dad has a habit of leaving the new shirt on the hanger in his closet, or the new pair of shoes in the box, or the new pair of glasses on the dresser – the old ones are just fine.

I gave Sam a much-needed wallet two years ago that still finds itself in the box.

I also replaced his old work shoes with a new pair, but (sigh), they are still squeaky clean in the bottom of the closet, while this morning he sat on the porch and scraped and scraped and scraped dried mud from the old ones so he could wear them to work.

Like father, like son.


This morning, Sam was Max.

His dad, a WWII veteran, has a habit of singing to himself. One of my favorite memories of Max was created when we took him to Colorado two summers ago, and as we were driving in the mountains, Max sat in the front passenger seat and in his 94-year-old voice, he sang, “Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, across the fluted plain…”

I got ready for the day this morning to Sam’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” all through our home.

Like father, like son.


This morning, Sam was Max.

Max doesn’t like to waste dish detergent. He rinses, if that, and puts the coffee cup back in its place, ready for the next cup.

In unison:

Like father, like son.


Sam carries on so many of the characteristics of his Dad – the quirks as well as character qualities. Max is so generous, loves to visit with just about anyone who is willing to carry on a conversation, can fix anything, and from what I have heard, until just a few years ago, Max worked from sun-up to sun-down and then some.

On this Veterans Day, I am grateful for Max and his influence on Sam, even if it means re-washing coffee cups.

I am grateful to know this wonderful man who, along with his wife, raised a pretty terrific family.

I am grateful that Max defines himself as a son, husband, father, and a Grampy and Great-Grampy who served his country in WWII.

And I am grateful that as a 96-year-old, he still sings a beautiful song…

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