Honestly speaking…I am a bunny.

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I am nervous and slightly afraid.

I am nervous and slightly afraid for my sister’s clients and for my new friends whose futures are unknown beginning tomorrow.

I am nervous and slightly afraid about how quickly the world is changing.

I am nervous and slightly afraid about what our new President is going to say, tweet, and do.

I am nervous and slightly afraid that people are going to ignore Mark 12:31 and feel justified in doing so.

I am nervous and slightly afraid, just as I am when I board a plane or sit in the periodontist chair. I don’t know the pilot or the periodontist, but I have to trust them to do their job and do it well.

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And so, I pray.

I pray for this new President. I pray that God will put people in his path who will share wisdom and help him with decision-making. I pray that his heart and his speech will soften and he will be kind and compassionate in his new role.

I pray that God will take away my uneasiness and replace it with gratitude and a peace that goes far beyond understanding.

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Be grateful, Rhonda.

I am grateful for the privilege and the responsibility to pray.

I am grateful for this exciting era that we are experiencing in real time.

I am grateful for a peaceful exchange of power.

I am grateful for President and Mrs. Obama and their sacrificial service to our country. I am especially grateful for their example of family and acceptance and graciousness.

I am grateful for the Trump family and the hope they bring to many Americans.

I am grateful that I am not in Washington D.C. right now.

I am grateful that my family is diverse in their political leaning.

I am grateful I am not on Facebook to see everyone’s opinions this weekend.

I am grateful that I am neither a donkey or an elephant. I shall be a bunny. Ears ready to hear, quiet, soft on the outside, soft on the inside, nervous and slightly afraid.

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And I am grateful for carrots.

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One thought on “Honestly speaking…I am a bunny.

  1. Rhonda, you have such a kind heart and especially “feel” for the underdog. I have been accused of this so I recognize it in you. 😊 Since I’m much older I want to comfort you with something I’m still learning. Our FAITH in a GREAT BIG GOD has to remember that He sees sides we do not.
    Missionary friends in Mexico have been frustrated with the US for allowing the illegals to stay because many, they always emphasize MANY, (I know, not all,) have children running the streets in Mexico, who have been abandoned by dads (& both parents sometimes) who came to the US and did not want to leave this comfort and justify staying to work while their children are left behind. This is not a small problem according to them, and they feel new immigration laws are needed. They say the problem increased and the US is responsible for the increased number of homeless kids. They believe if we encourage parents to come and stay, aiding them to “forget” street children who are their responsibility. THey say it’s also encouraging us to be lazy, seeing Mexicans as the working class.
    God sees details. He sees the many “sides”. Often we fight what God is doing because He doesn’t tell us.
    I know Angela has helped a lot and I know a man who needs her. He does have a child in Mexico and 4 children here. Maybe 2 wives, he wouldn’t tell me that. The details get bigger and bigger. Too big for humans to “fix” so we do what we understand to do, pray and trust Jesus for help. He is trustable!!!

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