A return to gratitude on the long drive home.

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Time alone with God can help us grow,
but so can serving others.
Instead of feeling guilty about how little time alone I get,
I need to look at how I can connect with God in the midst of my chaos.
– Keri Wyatt Kent


It was a long drive home.

But to break up that drive home, I made an overnight stop in old stomping grounds. Years ago, in my former life, I had more than two daughters. I’ve had several daughters in my life, former students who became a part of our family and created a much larger heart for this teacher/mom inside of me. Recently, I reconnected through Facebook, yes Facebook, with two of the girls, and we arranged to meet in “the city” for an overnight slumber party.

So as I drove home this past weekend after a very late night of untold stories and laughter and tears, God gave me the quiet of the day to count even more blessings, naming them one by one.

  1. Amanda, Melissa, Meghan, Erin, Nanette, Vangie, Carolyn, Brittney, Skyler, Alica, Desiree…
  2. Oklahoma accents that crack me up and make me love all the more
  3. Goofiness even at 52
  4. Girls who can transition from calling me Mrs. G or Mama G to my name: Rhonda
  5. Heartbreaking stories that could have devastated but instead made us stronger
  6. A common bond, one of many, across the generational divide: our faith
  7. “I have mostly good memories from high school.”  I cannot say that, but I am so grateful they can.
  8. Swiss cake rolls
  9. Long hugs
  10. Freedom to be who we are
  11. Sleep after a very late night
  12. Happy endings
  13. Wonderful husbands
  14. Alfredos chips and salsa
  15. Love that never fails
  16. Understanding, kindness, and a whole lot a’ grrrace

I have been given so many blessings. Here are just two of them. And I am so grateful.


It was a long drive home.

I am grateful for long drives home that allow for the counting, one by one.


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