I am grateful for Linda. She makes my world brighter.

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The full moon was receding into its next phase, yet still bright enough to show up in the predawn sky. There, just a short distance visually from it, shone a star or perhaps a planet.   The star/planet and moon the only thing visible in the sky. The moon was shining filling the sky with its light, the star/planet twinkling less brilliant than the moon. I can relate to star/planet. My light shines but compared to others it doesn’t shine as brightly. Does that make my light less significant?

That evening the moon still stood out as the brightest object in the sky. With a billion stars in the night sky it was hard to discern the bright star/planet I’d seen that morning from all the other glimmering objects in the sky. And that was okay because the billion sparking orbs were a magnificent sight. Twinkling, not in unison, but randomly erratic. I realized that one single light shining alone is beautiful and it stands out.  But a billion lights glowing together are an awesome spectacle. 

Our lights might not shine as bright as our friends or neighbors. Some of our lights might twinkle more than others. If, however, we all shine our lights of love, positivity, encouragement, and hope at the same time the results are blinding and an awesome display.

As for the moon, I see God. God shines His light brighter than ours, but not so bright as to dull ours. God wants us to shine with Him. When we shine with His love,  no one’s light is better or more significant, just each a little different from the other.

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!

Written by my friend, Linda Francis, up-and-coming author



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