The benefits of eating a frog?

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That’s right. Fried chicken. All-you-can-eat fried chicken, which in my case, will be two pieces max.

But I DID it. I ate the big ugly toad today and I am on to funner more fun things.

I am grateful for projects completed, or at least started.

I am grateful for memories of Katrina swallowing a live goldfish without hesitation at her 13-year-old birthday party, following the frog-eating 2nd rule of not looking at it for very long.

I am grateful for the sound of howling dogs when the town siren goes off.

I am grateful for squeaky clean anything.

I am grateful for the sounds of “Thank you, Ama!” when I answer the phone.

I am grateful for early spring bulbs beginning to awaken.

I am grateful for evidence of new grass in our lawn.

I am grateful for thoughts of my Dad this morning as we walked past the Standard sign downtown.

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I am grateful for an email from Linda the author today that made me laugh out loud. I pledged to laugh at least once a day…SCORE.

I am grateful for memories of bunnies all over the front yard of Uncle Tommy and Aunt Arlene’s house when Jane surprised all of the kids (and their parents) with Easter bunnies.

I am grateful for sounds of children playing in the park across the street this late afternoon as I work.

I am grateful to see Orion and his belt every night which reminds me to be grateful for Jeanine and memories of our early morning walks that were so therapeutic.

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I am grateful that the Dollar Store has a freezer with ice cream inside, just waiting for me. Geri, no haters. It’s a weakness.

I am grateful that even though I have not played the piano for awhile, I still know how and can sit down and soothe with a hymn, talk to God through my fingers, and count my gratefuls without words.

I am grateful to see progress every day when I go downstairs and walk into the construction zone. This remodeling thing is a piece of cake.

I am grateful for a restaurant out here that has all-you-can-eat fried chicken on Wednesday nights.

And I am grateful for a good broom.

Now, time to finish up the day and load up on chicken and jayhawks. More chicken, less jayhawks.




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