Okay, two things and a tank of gas.

Image result for barking dog

First. I am having a HARRRRD time being grateful today for the neighbor’s dog. Most days, I can put up with the incessant barking. Today is not one of those days. Seriously. NON. STOP. And the neighbors don’t know it, because they put this poor pooch outside and they all leave for the whole day – off to school, off to work. It’s not a small yappy dog, either. It’s an arf arf arf arf arf arf arf kind of dog.

Second. I am having a hard time being grateful today for parmesan cheez-its. Why? Because we had one teeny tiny little snack bag of them, and you can’t eat just one, so when I got to the bottom of the teeny tiny little snack bag and ate every last crumb, it wasn’t enough. That’s why.

Now, for being grateful, I am grateful for President George W. Bush. He’s funny. And he’s gracious. And he goes on Jimmy Kimmel and makes me laugh.

I am grateful for a dust pan. What a fantastic invention.

I am grateful for leftover spaghetti.

I am grateful for packages left on the porch. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all year long.

I am grateful for people who know how to write and tell stories and put their stories on a page and turn their stories into books so that I can read their stories out loud to Sam and we can both cry and laugh and discuss their stories and their ideas.

And I am grateful for anticipation of a long drive and an appreciation for the view.

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