Almonds look like roaches, don’t they?

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20 very random things for which I am grateful:

  1. Rainy days and Wednesdays.
  2. A teeny tiny eaglet, born this morning at 7:20, whom I have named “Betsy Ross.”
(just scroll down the page for the live camera)

  1. Pants that still zip and button.
  2. The fact that I do not have to eat raw fish and sleep in a bed of sticks.
  3. Diners. As in small eating establishments with a trash-talking waitress who calls everyone “Hun.”
  4. Beautiful carpentry happening in our new laundry room.
  5. Natia’s tail that wags so vigorously it makes her bottom dance.
  6. A chorus of mourning doves in the morning, and a choir of coyotes at night.
  7. A space heater.
  8. A bag of roasted salted almonds for afternoon grazing.  No hay cucarachas. (Translated: no roaches)
  9. UPS and FedEx packages.
  10. Considering the police chief our friend.
  11. Rain drops that plop – that means they are BIG.
  12. Good-smelling deodorant.
  13. Having “Showers of Blessing” stuck in my head all the day long.
  14. Knowing Linda experiences family like I do sometimes.
  15. Angel food cake batter.

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18. Memories of macramé plant holders that Angela and I used to make.
19. My Pillow. Still loving it, Geri.    Simply Fit, not so much.
20. Terrible Joke Tuesdays that continue to make me laugh on Wednesdays:

What is Forrest Gump’s password?            Answer: 1forrest1

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37 Extremely Funny Quotes.:


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