Too good to keep to myself.

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This post is written by Ginger Rothhaas, a pastoral intern serving at our church. Ginger will graduate from Saint Paul School of Theology in May. I am grateful for Ginger and for the prompting of the Holy Spirit…

Our Senior Pastor, Adam Hamilton, mentioned the beds ministry in his sermon last weekend. He spoke of people who discovered there were kids in Kansas City without beds. They started our church’s beds ministry with a dream of no child sleeping on the floor. Adam was illustrating that this ministry was a vision of the Promised Land, a place where our congregation is contributing to Eden one bed at a time.

The beds ministry began with a vision from Kevin and Mary Jones. They were serving families through My Father’s House, our church’s furnishings ministry which supplies household goods and furniture to people in Kansas City impacted by fire, eviction, floods, and many other disasters. They noticed a tremendous demand for beds, beyond what they could keep up with. Instead of turning people away, Kevin wanted to contribute to the Promised Land and find a way to provide beds, especially new beds for children. He communicated the need to Rani Lange who then shared it with Leigh Marie Souan and me, and we said, “Together, we can figure this out.”

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At our kitchen tables, the three of us worked to create a plan and started making phone calls. Each night when we tucked our own kids into their beds, we prayed that every child in Kansas City could have a bed of their own. Psalm 4:8 became our mission, hoping that every child we served would be able to say: “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

As a church, we began providing kids with beds four years ago. This simple expression of love is making a deep impact on these kids. We see the joy on their face as they receive what might be their very first bed. Teachers share stories of kids performing and behaving better after a few nights in their new bed. Parents are grateful, knowing sleep will make a difference in all of their lives.

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The beds ministry now has a life of its own far beyond what the three of us dreamed at our kitchen tables. God may be calling you to start or get involved with something, too. Listen to that tugging at your heart to help someone. Talk with friends and brainstorm ways you can serve others. An idea gets stronger as it is shared. Over 1,200 kids are sleeping in beds tonight because Kevin and Mary shared their idea with others and a few determined moms, along with many volunteers, took action.

Go to the Serve page today and find a program that tugs at your heart. Serving will not only improve your “good soil”, it will help someone else’s soil improve as well. This is how we work together with God to create the Promised Land.

 Click here to learn more about the beds ministry. Click here to see a broader range of service opportunities on the Serve page mentioned above.

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