Betsy goes to the hospital.

I am grateful that DC4 – commonly known as Betsy in my world since I named her just that when she was born because no one needs to be known as DC4, who, you need to know, has a little brother, DC5, commonly known as Ben in my world since I named him too in order to rescue him from DC5-ness, who, you need to know, has parents named Mr. President and The First Lady and they all live free in the National Arboretum in Washington DC – ANYWAY, I am grateful that Betsy is back home in the nest after getting stuck – dangerously stuck – in her nest and had to be rescued by a very nice man who climbed the tree with all the harnesses and ropes and unstuck her from the branches and took her down the tree all the way to the veterinarian hospital to be checked out and was then delivered back safely to the nest to be reunited with her baby brother and her VIPs (very important parents) and she is doing so well now.

THAT was a run-on sentence to compete with some essays I used to have to read when I was a teacher. You’re welcome.

I am grateful that next week, Betsy and Ben will receive official names that will be pretty cool names, living up to their VIP’s names. We live in a very delightful world in which I can watch this family in real time and everyone in the world can vote to name DC4 and DC5, aka Betsy and Ben.


Watch them live! And vote for their names:



I am grateful for Sunday breakfast lunch on the patio with blue sky, birds singing, and a little time with Dad before we left for the white house.

I am grateful for soft carpet after a plank to 100 and 100 crunches.

I am grateful for the tart of an apple slice.

I am grateful for lots of dust all over every last thing – that way, it is easy to tell what I’ve missed and makes cleaning more efficient.

I am grateful for laughter with good friends whom we haven’t seen for so long.

I am grateful for streets that know how to go north/south or east/west and don’t mess up my sense of direction.

I am grateful for news anchors and reporters who know how to pronounce important words like Iran and nuclear and who know how to avoid saying the non-words “whole nother.” Can’t we all just agree on this one thing? Iran = Eye-ran, or Ee-ron? Eye-rainian, or Ee-ronnian? Pick one and stick with it.

I am grateful, all these years later, for a new notebook with all clean pages. You don’t have to be in school to love this simple pleasure.

I am grateful for free popcorn from the plant nursery – what is better than buying plants on a sunny, cool, spring day while eating a bag of fresh, salty, buttery popcorn? That’s smart marketing. Just ask our bank account.

I am grateful for cats and kittens who are so happy they like to rub up against a leg while purring.

I am grateful that my Dad thinks that “it is just a game,” because otherwise, I would be worried right now about our Royals and the impact they are having on him.

I am grateful for the end of the day and a can of Pledge with my name on it.

And I am grateful for the reminder to appreciate the beauty all around us, beauty that sings His praise, if we will only stop to listen and look.



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