I like pleasant surprises.

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I was surprised this morning.  Sam pointed out a lone poppy growing in our front yard. It is beautiful standing there all alone, sharing its brilliance with a large yard, the first of many flowers to come.

I was surprised this morning. Two mourning doves decided to perch on the roof that juts out just below my second story office window here at the house.

I was surprised this morning. Last night, we moved the lone tv from our makeshift bedroom to the living room below so that our guests this week could relax after long days of work, albeit without any “real” furniture to sit upon, but still. And I found that I didn’t miss the morning noise as much as I thought I might.

I was surprised this morning. I had forgotten how good a bowl of Cheerios could taste.

I was surprised this morning. I found that I was grateful all over again for some of the same things that I have counted in the past, and I had taken them for granted in this state of pause I find myself in.

For a chilly day in late April.
For a warm house on this chilly day.
For soap.
For the overwhelming reassurance that I am loved.
For the quiet reminder that even though things will never be as they were, life goes on and we find ways to discover new joys and make new relationships.
For Psalm 121.
For dry hands that appreciate lotion.
For my hearing, even though it has diminished, so that I may hear the birds singing.

I am grateful today for His blessings re-counted and given over and over and over again.

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