You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.

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My shoe squeaks with every step, plastic forks are dumb, my eyes leak water too much these days, a pinched nerve is not my friend, and I am already tired of talking about cancer.

Sam has returned to his desk, five hours away.

That’s how this Tuesday is for me, IF I allow these things to affect my view.


I am grateful for the soft jazz music in the hallway that greets me when I open the office door to walk to the bathroom during a break.

I am grateful for a quiet few moments this morning with Sam before he began his drive back to his desired reality, reading our devotions and praying that God will protect him in our absence from one another.

I am grateful for grilled chicken on a salad.

I am grateful that Sam has returned to his desk, five hours away, and that he is not just coming home from the hospital today as we had expected. He’s pretty much a rock star patient.

I am grateful that I consider my boss a very close friend.

I am grateful that I am no longer wearing a surgical shoe and that squeak reminds me that I am walking on my own two feet.

I am grateful for a beautiful green lawn that is mowed, for beautiful trees that are trimmed, and for cool weather in late May. Thank you, Paul, thank you, Paul, and thank you, God.

I am grateful that when all real forks are dirty and in the office dishwasher, someone decided to save the plastic forks from Chinese take-out so that I would not have to eat my salad with grilled chicken one piece at a time by fingers and thumb even though it took twice as long to eat with flimsy fork.

I am grateful to have been inundated with phone calls, text messages, and emails for the last many days. Our circle is huge with friends and family who use words to comfort when a hug is not possible. It is so very wonderful to be “checked on” in the midst of the hard things.

I am grateful for Resurrection Singers who were the voice of the Holy Spirit on Sunday morning and ministered to our deepest place, allowing us to let go and cry in the most sacred of moments.

I am grateful for a gift card to get a massage.

I am usually not grateful for people who stop by without warning, but right now, I am grateful for our circle of friends who have stopped by without warning, just to deliver some TLC.

And I am grateful that my sister was the first car on the meal train and delivered salmon to our table. It was a new experience for me and one I survived. I’m kind of grateful for the first taste of salmon and that I didn’t throw up or gag. Life as we have known is forever changed.

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