The gift of a window.

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There’s always another way of looking at an overwhelming and formidable situation.

Yesterday, Karen and I were visiting about this current situation in which Sam and I find ourselves. I was wearing blinders and seeing the black and the white. She noticed.

However, I count myself pretty adept at looking on the bright side of things, and already there have been some very positive moments. Clearly God is working in and around us in ways that we would have to wear blinders in order to miss.

I was wearing blinders.

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Karen is this wise soul and one of those I thank God for each day. She saw my blinders, and she said, “Rhonda, you and Sam have been given a gift.”

She went on to say that everyone has a clock. Everyone has a set amount of time on this earth. However, not everyone is given a window with which to gaze at their clock.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to come to terms with the fact that LIFE IS SHORT, a reminder that we must live each day with gratitude and with urgency to experience the best that life offers, to make each moment count.

We’ve been given the gift of a window.

Thank you, Lord.

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Chris texted me on Sunday evening. She described a cottonwood tree that was shedding while she enjoyed the view across the street from her home. And then yesterday, she texted me again with a suggestion to listen to this song and message that followed.

And then this morning, she texted me once again, just to let me know that when I am weary of talking about it all, she would be my sitting-in-silence friend.

Thank you, Lord.

I walked the morning of my surgery one last time. It was a still, chill-in-the-air morning, and the sun was just beginning to shine over the treeline. At the end of our street, a tall cottonwood stands proud among the more desired maples and oaks and dainty flowering dogwoods. On this Monday morning, Cottonwood released a theater full of sparkling cotton fluffs hanging in space, glistening in the sunlight. It was a magical scene that took my breath away.

Thank you, Lord.

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Last night, I sat down to eat a plate of leftover green beans and the last grilled hamburger, when my phone rang a funny ring, and I received my first ever Facetime call from Julie. Even at 52, I can learn something new besides the fact that salmon will not kill me. What an experience to receive a call that was also live video on a screen. And, while we were talking, her two daughters entered the picture and joined us in conversation about all things healthy to eat. It was so fun, and it topped off my evening. I would post the picture I took of the occasion, but I realized after looking at it how much weight I have gained, and I will eat salad instead of posting a picture.

Thank you, Lord.

Author-to-be Linda emailed yesterday, offering to take flowers to lay on my Mom’s grave next week. She also emails almost daily with silly pictures and stories and inspiring quotes and devotions that she knows will hit home. What a thoughtful friend…

Thank you, Lord.

Another thoughtful friend named Linda friend sent a message to us, asking to be put at the top of the list for chemo treatment transportation when we have our schedule. It must be the name…

Thank you, Lord.

May I seek to see the lovely in every situation, recognize the gift of a window, and always say “thank you.”

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