How much is that doggy…er, green thing in the window?

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Sam and I have a problem. Well, and an excuse. We have a very big yard, okay?

The other night, Sam was going to do a little painting and discovered the cheap, plastic paint pan liner he has been using as an actual paint pan had cracked and was not practical any longer. So, what do you do when you live in small town USA? You head over to the nearest Dollar General, or in our case, since we live in AWESOME small town USA, you head over to the nearest Orscheln’s!

I went with him, since a trip to Orscheln’s is like a trip to the big city these days.

Here’s where the problem begins.

Orscheln’s and most every other little store who deals in ALL things home and country, has an outdoor section filled with…growing things. Not mold and mildew. GREEN growing things. Okay, still not mold and mildew.

And at about this time of the 90 degree weather season, their green growing things begin to look really sad and I am sure that I hear whimpering.

As was the case of the Bald Cypress, the Magnolia, the Crab Apple, and six verbena beauties. And about 237 other little guys and girls in pots, but hey, ya can’t save ’em all.

They are like PUPPY DOGS. Just sitting there in their little temporary outdoor fence cage, staring at you and making you feel GUILTY for having such a big yard and all the space in the world for their new home.

We are now the proud parents of Uncle Cy, Magnificent, Mrs. Crabitz, and Verbenas 1-6.

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Did I mention the fact that we went to Colorado last weekend to get beetle kill pine for our ceiling? And while driving through Fort Collins, the pickup, ON ITS OWN, veered over to the right and parked just outside a nursery of all things baby and green and good-smelling, and we brought home an orphanage of aspens – there are so many I cannot begin to count them all – and a dark purple butterfly bush I’ve named Betty Jo, and coriopsis flowers and dianthus flowers and Holy Green Jeans, Batman, this is getting ridiculous.

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I am grateful for our newest additions to the green thumb family outside. 104 pots of various sizes planted.

I am grateful that most of them look happier, although we are struggling a bit with a few of them. I need a bag of treats.

I am grateful that after all these years of wanting to have flowers and flowers and flowers and grow things, after all these years of walking past the “window” and not being able to save and rescue, I found Sam, and he has the same problem I do.

Last night, he said, “Hey, I had to stop at Orscheln’s.”

Uh oh.

“There are three redbuds that are crying and they won’t stop.”

If Scooby, Dooby, and Doo, our little dogwoods on the berm, don’t start looking happier soon, Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles, and Jessica Rabbit are comin’ home…

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One thought on “How much is that doggy…er, green thing in the window?

  1. Oh Rhonda I do the same thing! I hate to see plants left to wither away. I always think they must feel like the kid who was always picked last in gym class.

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