‘Til the storm passes by…


My insides feel like mush. My brain feels short-circuited. There are 14,000 things I need to remember to do, and my thoughts are not connected to Google calendar…yet.

Adam, a student RN anesthetist, walked into the room and visited with us a while ago, prepping Sam for what is to come. Nice guy. Everyone here is a nice guy. KU Med Center is pretty impressive. From the maintenance crew cleaning restrooms, to the doctors performing miracles, they’re all nice guys. Dr. Ashcraft, Sam’s rock star surgeon, is quite a character, but apparently, so is Diane, the head nurse in the operating room. She had us cracking up when she was in the room asking all of the questions.

When we remarked that it must be quite an adventure with the personalities of both Diane and Dr. Ashcraft in the room together, Adam responded with a wink, “We call it ‘the perfect storm’.”

Yes, we know the perfect storm these days.

I am grateful for people at this hospital who obviously LOVE what they do.

I am grateful for people who know insurance and can answer our questions.

I am grateful for a text message from Connie this morning while we waited for surgery.

I am grateful for employers who are giving me much grace to be out of the office for all of Sam’s appointments.

I am grateful for a good hospital cafeteria.

I am grateful for a kind PharmD who answered all of our questions about these chemo drugs that will cost approximately $10,000 every two weeks.

I am grateful that Sam is now in recovery.

I am grateful that even though my insides are mush and my brain is short-circuited, I know that God is in control, can calm the storm, and He will keep us safe ’till the storm passes.



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