Cupcakes and tacos. Or taco cupcakes. Unfocus, people.

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Sam sent me two pictures this morning, items he has purchased today.  I shop Amazon. He shops Craigslist. We have issues.




We also have these six little lovelies and their mama, our oldest baby girl, coming to visit in just over a week, in the midst of this crazy life in which we find ourselves:

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This is why Sam is shopping Craigslist and there is unfocus.

In the middle of the inner mushness and the anxiety and the lists and the unfocus, there is also the joy and the anticipation and the calm and the overwhelm.

I am grateful for all of the cards I need to write, because that just means we are SUPER loved right now.

I am grateful for bikes and trikes and crafts and games and air mattresses and pretty pillows and Etsy and people who sell the things we need want on the internet.

I am grateful for silly poems in my inbox about catbirds and pickles and sunflowers, written by soon-to-be-author Linda who gives Dr. Seuss a run for his money.

I am grateful for text messages from Connie and Chris and Geri that make me wish for days at a cafeteria table once again.

Whatever leisure time we are able to invest in relationships is time well spent. – Charles Swindoll

I am grateful for distractions that cause me to unfocus because otherwise, I would turn into my mother and WORRY.

I am grateful for tight pants that remind me I really need to love celery and sweating.

I am grateful for KU Med Center and KU Cancer Center and the Ashcraft team and the Al-Rajabi team and the nurses and aides of 6440 and Tammy and Becky who made it all possible and Ali in admissions and operating room boss Diane Ozburn who made the anxiety less and Erica the pharmacist and Jackie the financial peacemaker and every person who sits behind a KU Med desk, because we have YET to find one who has not made our days brighter.

I am grateful for lights in the darkness who leave voicemails and emails of support and treat us to dinner and give a thumbs-up and mow our grass and fix our dishwasher.

I am grateful for a Dad who takes care of a naughty dog.

I am grateful for the hope of children coming to visit – there is almost nothing greater than the feeling of a child coming “home” after a long absence. We’d throw a ginormous party if we had it in us, but we are spending all the pocket change on bicycles and tricycles and air mattresses.

I am grateful for cupcakes. And ooey gooey cinnamon rolls. And a fresh bag of potato chips. And tacos. And the seasoning on Potato Olés from Taco Johns. Issues, I say. Every one of ‘em.

And I am grateful that Sam will have the pure joy of being with his whole family this next week to celebrate his Dad’s life.

Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should. – Psalm 90:12 (TLB)

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