I can’t unsee it!



Sitting at the truck stop waiting on the fuel gauge to say “full,” and there she was, in all of her glory. Walking out of the convenience store, a pleasantly rounded female wearing a very, I mean VERY, thin and tight tank top. At first I noticed the jiggle in the middle, thinking, “Eww, honey, someone really needs to help you find a larger shirt.”

And then I realized someone really needed to introduce her to a lady’s undergarment too, because there was CLEARLY no undergarment. I do mean CLEARLY.

My brain needs a new image, because I cannot unsee what I just seen.

I looked at Sam, Sam looked at me, and we split a gut/guffawed/bellowed/cackled, and heartily laughed while picking up our jaws and putting our eyes back inside their sockets.

Holy double slingshot, Batman.

On this drive back to small town USA this Sunday evening, I do believe I am very grateful for ladies undergarments and those who need them and wear them.

And I’m grateful for laughter and road trips with Sam.



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